Our 10+ years as seed investors have taught us that our portfolio network is our greatest asset – and yours too.

That’s why we created Kickstart Collective, our community platform.

Our companies learn best from each other.

Chances are, whatever challenge or growth opportunity you’re facing has been experienced by another member of the Kickstart family. This is a vibrant community with incomparable insight, resources, connections, and grit where executives support and learn from each other.

Exclusive programs and resources.

We host a series of events and tactical sessions throughout the year with three specific objectives: to help you form deep connections with other executives, provide inspiration, and facilitate concrete problem solving. We are always on the lookout for ways to team up with essential SaaS for startups so we can pass along deals to our companies. We’re constantly looking for ways to add more value, so you’ll see this program continue to evolve and expand to meet your needs.

More than a financial investment.

With an investment from us, you’re getting more than just a check or a new board member. We’re committed to founder health, building businesses, knowledge sharing, and offering support on all fronts.

So, welcome to Collective!

If you’re a portfolio company, login to check out the cool stuff we have for you.

If you’re not a Kickstart portfolio company but are interested in becoming one, pitch to us.